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Give Your Roof A European Touch

Sheltertech India leaves no stone unturned in providing its customers with quality buildtech products. That’s why we along with our partner, La Escandella India are offering Mediterranean range roofing tiles in India.

We have some of the best Mediterranean tiles that are environmentally friendly and gives a beautiful look to your roof. Residential and commercial buildings today require both energy efficiency and visual appeals. It is clear that we need the best engineering vision than we ever had.

That’s where SIPL comes in. We make it possible to have a roof that does both. The Mediterranean range of roofing tiles offered by Sheltertech India is a combination of functionality, high-quality material, aesthetics, and a wide array of applications.

Inspired by the traditional Mediterranean theme, these clay roofing tiles are a great way to give the roof a traditional European look. The wavy structure of these roofing tiles will give your home the elegance you always wanted. Are you ready to give your home a style statement?

These roofing tiles are often used in the coastal Mediterranean region where the buildings have to go through extreme weather conditions. These tiles are mainly prevalent in areas with high moisture levels, rains, and strong winds.

The Mediterranean tiles ensure no water is penetrated inside the roof. Making it a perfect choice for heavy rainfall areas in India. Apart from protecting the roof from water damage due to heavy rainfall, Mediterranean tiles can also withstand strong wind gusts.

These tiles have the capability to keep the roof free from water penetration even when the roof slopes are small. The Mediterranean roof tiles can fit almost any kind of roof slope, making them a great example of design and functionality.

SIPL provides flat, mixed, and curved Mediterranean tiles under one roof. You can count on us for all the trending as well as traditional colour combinations including red, terracotta, and more.

Advantages Of Mediterranean Roofing Tiles

  • Works well with all kinds of roofs including pitched and sloped roofs
  • Meets European standards
  • Looks aesthetically pleasing
  • Made with natural and recyclable materials
  • Lasts longer than other tiles
  • Compliments every kind of construction

We make sure that the product provided to you will be fairly priced and delivered to your desired location. We stock multiple colours so that you can opt for any colour that matches your home and location. From brick red to deep blue, we have it all. If you are looking for durable and top-quality roofing tiles in the Mediterranean range, give SIPL a call.

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