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About Us

We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as a renowned service provider by offering a wide range of Spanish clay roof tiles & other clay building materials in India. We are also known for distributing a one-stop solution for advanced technical textile and film used in the field of protected cultivation.

With our extensive product portfolio, we aim to expand our reach and become the ‘National Supplier of Choice’. SIPL is a leading brand that has been serving the farmers, housing, and entrepreneurs of the nation for the last 5 years.

The company has grown from its humble origins into an industry leader in India by providing permanent and durable roofing and Agrotech solutions with innovation and customer satisfaction. By focusing on advanced technologies and outstanding talent, we offer a wide variety of roofing services along with various agricultural tasks.

Sheltertech India conferring its services to various residential and commercial roofing projects along with Agrotech solutions at almost every nook and corner of the country where our presence ensures the continuous availability, service, and support for sustainable materials and accessories. We provide solutions to a wide array of applications in a range of market segments.

At SIPL, our team is always at the forefront of technology with its advanced service for diverse applications. Our every product meets the international standard. With a great treasure of experience in the market, Sheltertech India is recognized as a leading brand for quality and service.

Our Partners

SIPL has partnered with some of the renowned buildtech and agrotech product manufacturers such as La Escandella India, Eurovent, Bryza, and GreenPro. GreenPro is known for its advanced protected cultivation product range including greenhouse materials and accessories including green net, mulching sheet, anti-insect net, silo bags, and more.

On the other hand, La Escandella India is a leading Spanish roofing building material manufacturer. La Escandella India specializes in producing some of the most sought-after building materials throughout the world. Therefore, Sheltertech India along with La Escandella India has brought premium quality roofing products including tiles and other roofing materials.

One-Stop-Shop For GreenPro Products

We have taken agricultural activities to another level with advanced cultivation protection products. If you are a farmer and looking for innovative solutions to protect the crops without using harmful chemicals, then we have a wide range of GreenPro products for you.

GreenPro products are manufactured in state-of-the-art 7-layer blown film plants. It makes sure that the finished products meet industry standards. GreenPro understands that when it comes to crops, a single or double layer of the product is not enough

Every greenhouse film, fabric, green net, or accessory is double-inspected just to make sure it is capable of protecting the crops against any harm. Different types of films and fabrics can be customized according to any application.

SIPL has stocked GreenPro products irrespective of the requirement you have. Ranging from greenhouse materials, aquaculture protection films, to roofing underlayment, we have it all.

You can count on us for various GreenPro products such as:

  • Anti-hail net
  • Anti-insect net
  • Greenhouse film
  • Ground cover
  • Shade net
  • Tuff mat
  • Tuff mat
  • Orchard cover
  • Crop cover
  • Hermetic bags and liners
  • Greenhouse accessories
  • Mulch film
  • Roofing underlayment

La Escandella India Roofing Products Now Available In India

With an aim of roofing the world, La Escandella India is one of the largest roof tile manufacturers in the world. The roof tiles are manufactured according to environmental protection standards. La Escandella India believes in combining innovation with the construction industry. Therefore, apart from the clay roofing tiles, La Escandella India also manufactures solar roofing tiles.

La Escandella India exports roofing materials in 70 countries including India. We take pride in being the one and only supplier of La Escandella India roofing products. We bring the touch of European roofing infrastructure to India with our collaboration with La Escandella India. Are you looking for innovative roofing solutions in India? We can provide beautiful as well as advanced roofing products that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Not only this, we have stocked up roofing products of all sizes, colours, and shapes, making us the only reliable roofing solutions supplier in India.

We have a range of clay roof tiles such as:

  • H-Selection
  • Mediterranean
  • Vertical roofing
  • Solar tiles
  • Other clay roofing products

Bryza Gutter Systems In India

If you have decided to equip your roofs with quality roof tiles chances are, you also need a reliable gutter system for your roof. We know this and that’s the reason why we have partnered with Bryza, a renowned gutter system manufacturer.

Bryza has been producing sturdy gutter systems for more than a decade. And now we can also have access to their products in India. Gutter systems by Bryza are one step ahead of regular gutter systems, filling all the loopholes.

If you’re ready for such an innovative gutter system to be installed on your roofs, let us know. Sheltertech India provides Bryza gutter systems in 4 sizes and 7 colours. The sizes are differentiated according to the application requirements.

For instance, system 75 is perfect for small residential buildings, system 100 can be used for single-family houses, system 125 is perfect for multi-family buildings, and system 150 is best for large houses and industrial applications.

Eurovent® RSC Components In India

Eurovent® products are excellent for protecting the home from high temperature, heavy rainfall, fires, strong winds, vapours, snow, and whatnot. The RCS components supplied by us are the ideal choice for ventilating as well as insulating roofs, chimneys, and roof ridges.

This part of the roof is often overlooked but Eurovent® has made it possible. With the worldwide availability of the toughest roof ventilation and insulation products, Eurovent® has also joined hands with Sheltertech India. Making it possible for Indians to have access to one of the best roofing system components.

Save money on energy bills and maintain a consistent temperature inside your home with roof insulation and ventilation products and accessories provided by us. Our roofing insulation and ventilation products include:

  • Roofing and building envelopes
  • Roofing and building envelopes
  • Ridge ventilation
  • Chimney flashing
  • Clips and tapes
  • Exit windows

Are you ready to experience the most advanced buildtech and agrotech products? Contact Sheltertech today to know more about the different products and solutions we offer to our clients!

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