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Hail Control Mesh

Sheltertech India’s GreenPro Anti Hail Net protects crops throughout the year to avoid damage caused by hail, birds, and other attacks. It is suitable for crops such as fruits and vegetables, saplings, and flowers. And it can be installed directly on crops, canopies or greenhouse fences, and other inclined or vertical structures. Anti-hail nets are lightweight, flexible, and easy to install and uninstall making us a leading Anti Hail Net Manufacturer in India. GreenPro hail nets are manufactured by a tightly bound leno weave to restrict the opening of the fabric, during severe hail storms.


  • Helps to protect the crop against Hail Storm
  • Lightweight design, for crops to be able to take the weight of the net
  • Can be provided in Multi Colours for better plant photosynthesis
  • Protect the crops against large pests and birds
  • UV stabilized for longer durability
  • Contribute to the quantitative improvement of the covered crop


  • Made from 100% Virgin Polymers
  • Flexible, Light, Strong and easy to spread
  • Can be placed on simple support structures
  • Recyclable
  • Good Tensile strength to withstand wind loads
  • Allow light and air to the plants
  • Provides Shade

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